Lymburn School

Located in West Edmonton, Lymburn School takes pride on being a student-centered, curriculum-focused school where children learn and grow in a caring, supportive and encouraging environment.  Balanced Literacy is one of our core strategies used to support differentiated language learning from Kindergarten to Grade six. 

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lymburn School

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Lymburn School. leaderinme

Lymburn School strives to meet the unique needs of each student with a variety of program choices. We offer the regular elementary program, integrating students with special needs into regular classes. We also offer Literacy and Interactions.

French as a Second Language is taught in Grades 4 to 6, and all students have opportunities for student leadership through the Leader in Me program. Technology is provided in our student lab, learning resources centre and classrooms.

Our parents are supportive of our school and help by volunteering and fundraising. We partner with many community organizations to provide additional support to students as well as to families. A playschool and ABC Head Start lease space in our building.

We believe:

  1. That each student is unique, with his or her own potential for growth and success

  2. That students learn best when they are actively involved in a safe, caring, challenging environment where risk taking is encouraged

  3. That student growth is enhanced as students learn to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour and when staff and parents share responsibility for student development and education 

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the school I encourage you to contact our office or to join our parent volunteers on PALS and be a part of our community making a difference for our students and school!

Terry Collier


 I see Lymburn School as being great in its diversity with district sites for Literacy and Interactions students along with our recent additions of Lymburn/Callingwood Playschool and ABC Headstart.  I like to say that we now serve a broader range of children and that we effectively collaborate with all of our partners in support of the learning needs of our children.  Also, our 3Rs program supports many children and families in and around our community through social skills training (Friendship Club) and by ensuring access and information to other available community resources.  It is our people; the staff, students and parents who work so closely together in setting the direction and providing meaningful experiences for our children that aptly captures the heart and soul of our community.  Along with a highly committed and energetic staff, we are also blessed to have a supportive and involved parent group.  Most importantly, it is our outstanding student group that consistently and eagerly rises to whatever challenge we set before them.  Visitors to our school are often heard to comment on the exceptional feeling, a vibe and a welcome that they receive upon entering our building.  Something intangible happens here; a positive energizing spirit that goes far beyond things, events and programs.  Our school invites and embraces all learners through a trusting atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and expectation.

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