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Cogito is a knowledge-based program with clearly defined standards of achievement and measurable learning objectives. Cogito is dedicated to helping average students maximize their academic potential. Cogito (ko-gi-to) is Latin for I reason. Cogito programming is designed for students who are willing to work to achieve a high level of academic excellence in an environment that emphasizes structure and order.
The unique program characteristics include:

•Teacher-led instruction that focuses on students learning and progressing through the curriculum together 
• Structured classroom environment
• Regular homework
• Recitation, memorization and practice exercises to improve learning
• Early reading instruction in phonics--understanding letters, sounds and syllables 
• Second language instruction introduced in Grade 1
• Additional opportunities to study core subjects in-depth
• Uniforms or a dress code requirement
• A high level of parental support and commitment

Please visit the Edmonton Public Schools Cogito Alternative Program web site at: http://cogito.epsb.ca/ for helpful program information, including Cogito registration forms.

Cogito Foundational Principles